Endodontic referrals

Endodontic referralsWe are now happy to offer a service for private referrals of endodontic treatments.

Bruno Costa is accepting new referrals, mainly from those attending his “hands-on” courses but also from other colleagues on an individual basis. However, we are now pleased to be able to offer this service to the wider dental community - we will happily accept any simple or more complex case.

How to Refer?
As a referring dentist, please send us a completed referral letter by downloading a form from below. We will then contact your patient and arrange their appointments.

Why Refer to Bruno Costa?
Bruno Costa qualified with an MSc in Endodontics at the Universistat International de Catalunya - Barcelona and since then he has been providing endodontic treatments and lecturing courses in the Sussex area, being a Certified Dentsply Maillefer educator. Bruno has also several post-graduation courses and Diplomas in Endodontics completed all over Europe, offering a whole range of endodontic services such as pain diagnosis, post removal, re-treatments and surgical treatments. All treatments are completed using a microscope, digital radiography and the most updated instruments and materials.

All patients are returned to your practice following the treatment with a comprehensive clinical report.
His aim is to provide you and your patients with high quality endodontic services on a referral basis and to establish lifelong partnerships with my fellow dental professionals. Bruno Costa will work together with you in order to produce a comprehensive holistic result for each patient.

What should your patients expect?
Be assured that your patients will receive an efficient and friendly service. We aim to provide endodontic treatment of the highest quality and after its completion, your patient will be referred back to you for definitive restoration of their tooth.

Here you can download the Endodontic referral form and a price guide:
Endodontic referral form

Cosmetic Dentistry referrals

We can provide a number of cosmetic treatments: to restore, protect and improve the appearance of heavily filled teeth or replace missing teeth.

Advances in modern materials and techniques enable us to offer you treatment that improve the shape, colour and appearance of your teeth to give you the confident smile you've always wanted.

Old fillings and broken or missing teeth can make your teeth look unsightly and cause you to hide your teeth and feel embarrassed about smiling. Modern techniques such as crowns, bridges, veneers and tooth-coloured fillings are available here, and will help you regain your confident smile.

Raquel Sousa and Bruno Costa are both able to provide dental cosmetic treatments. Both have a Master Degree (MSc) in Conservative and Cosmetic Dentistry, Specialization course in Conservative and Cosmetic Dentistry, Certificate in Restorative Dentistry, from the Academy of Clinical Excellence, Postgraduate in Conservative and Cosmetic Dentistry and a Diploma in Implant Dentistry in Department of Biomaterials/ Handicap Research from the Gothenburg University in Sweden.

Here you can download the Cosmetic Dentistry referral form:
Cosmetic Dentistry referral form

Implants referrals

Implants referralsOur Referrals Guarantee
You may be concerned that by referring a patient to our practice that you risk losing your patient permanently to us. We absolutely guarantee that if you have placed your patient in our care, once we have successfully completed the treatment to the patient’s satisfaction, they will not be accepted for any other treatment. We appreciate your referral and you can be fully confident in our guarantee.

The Advantages of Implant Referrals
Implant therapy can be used for a number of clinical situations that you can relate to your patients. The most common reason being a single tooth replacement adjacent to healthy teeth.
Implant therapy can be beneficial in three/four unit bounded gaps where two implants can support three to four teeth. In complete edentulous arches, two lower implants can support a removable denture where 4-6 implants can do the same for the upper arch.
More complicated full arch fixed bridgework can be provided where 6-8 implants would be required. Adequate bone volume is a necessity for successful implant treatment using traditional methods. In cases, where bone volume is minimal, augmentative procedures can be undertaken from small grafts using xenograft material to large grafts using autogenous hip graft material.

Assessment Process for dental implant treatment:
A decision is reached with your patient as to the type of initial assessment that would be desired. A short appointment will determine from the outset, at no cost, whether an implant option is viable and whether bone augmentation is required.
It is at this point that the patient can decide for themselves if implant therapy or traditional restorative dentistry is more suitable.
A more detailed assessment will be carried out, if it is determined from the outset, that implant therapy is possible. This will involve a full restorative examination including soft tissue, periodontal, tooth, restoration and occlusal analysis. Detailed measurement of bone volume can be made for simple cases using digital radiography.

Here you can download the Implants referral form:
Implants referral form

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